Purging Plugs

Aluminium | Copper | Cast Iron

The Non-Ferrous industry is using purging plugs for their quality improvements, like degassing, temperature adjustment, mixing etc. TYK is the leading supplier of purging plugs for the aluminum, copper and iron-casting industry in Japan. Our plugs are made of High Alumina and they receive their unique quality due to the right material selection and a specific burning process.
We produce the plug according to the throughput requirement and with the necessary pore size distribution for fine, middle or big bubbles.
Our purging plugs are also used very successfully in the steel industry See Here

The key advantages of our plugs
  • Very high erosion resistance.
  • Very good thermal shock resistance.
  • Good prevention of alloy penetration - Long Lifetime.
  • Secure purging availability during the whole life.

Fine and Large Bubbles | 5 L / min. | top diamter 90 mm
TYK Porous Plug

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