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The TYK Corporation has its Headquarter in Tajimi City in the prefecture of Gifu, a famous center for the production of traditional Japanese ceramics.

TYK's refractories are mainly produced in the plants of Ohbata, Akasaka and Akechi. There are several other group companies for production, engineering and services.

TYK Corporation Headquarter in Tajimi

The Headquarter of the TYK Corporation is located in Tajimi City, with the location of the Ohbata und Akasaka plant and the R&D Center.

3-1, Ohbata-cho, Tajimi-shi
Gifu 507-0818
Tel.: +81 572 22 8151
Fax: +81 572 22 0706

TYK Corporation Homepage
TYK Corporation Head Office in Tokio

Shinagawa City Bldg.6F
2-11-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: +81 3 6433 2888
Fax: +81 3 5462 8853

The TYK Group

Akechi Ceramics Co., LTD

Akechi Ceramics is the main production plant for isostatic pressed cc products. Its also the production facility for our micro porous carbon bricks for the blast furnace.

Houei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

U-Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Mizuno Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Chunichi Home Co., Ltd.

Toshin Foods Co., Ltd.

Parklanes Co., Ltd.

Toyo Express Co.,Ltd.

Hinomaru RefractoryCo.,Ltd.

TYK Inform. Service Co., Ltd.