Lance Pipes / Precast Blocks

Injection Lance
Since more than 20 year, we produce in our plant in UK high quality Injection Lances for the steel plants in Europe. We adjust the reinforcement and the castable of the Lance Pipes according to the requirements of each customer. So our lances reach the best lifetime and therefore the best cost efficiency in use.
We deliver all the different types of lances
  • Desulfurization Lances.
  • Ar and N2 Lances for the Secondary Refining.
  • Lead and CaSi Lances for the Secondary Refining.
  • O2 Lances for the Secondary Refining.
TYK Lance Pipes
TYK Argon Lance

Precast Blocks
The production of pre-shaped components (Precast Blocks) made of Refractory castable, is another important product from our UK Plant. Beside of Cas-OB Snorkels we manufacture several Pre-Shapes for the Steel Industry.
TYK Cas-OB Snorkel
TYK Tundish Cover
TYK Launder
TYK Tilting Block BOF
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