Our products for the converter includes Bottom Purging Plugs, so called Multi-Hole-Plugs "MHP", Tap Hole Sleeves and MgO-Cr2O3 Bricks for the tuyere part of AOD converters. For Electric Arc Furnaces we supply ETB Tapping Sleeves, Bottom Blowing Plugs as well as Pre-Cast Roof Blocks.

Converter Purging Plug - Jumbo Multi Hole Plug

The usage of bottom purging plugs is nowadays a standard application for the oxygen steel-making process in the converter. But often the increased wear of the plug or an insufficient purging rate leads to an early stop of usage. With the Jumbo-MHP we developed a plug who eliminates exactly these weaknesses.

Sample of a TYK - MHP

TYK Converter Multi Hole Plug

Multi Hole Plug Proportion

TYK Multi Hole Plug Proportion

Size !

The Jumbo has approx. 6 times the size of a standard bottom brick and a much better spalling resistance. Length up to 1.500 mm.

Pipe Number

Between 40 and 203 pipes. The number of pipes depends on the required gas flow rate. Pipe size (i.D. 2mm)

Good Purging Performance

Secure purging until the end of the converter life.

Metallurgic Effect

Reduced Pco
Improvement of T.Fe
Shorter blowing time

Cost Saving

Less metallic Al
Less Mn
Less Oxygen
Less Lime


Tap Hole Sleeve

Our Monoblock Tap Hole Sleeve are made of a dense MgO-C material and are shaped under very high pressure.

Straight Type

Tap Hole Sleeve

Isojet Type C

Tap Hole Sleeve

Electric Arc Furnace

EBT Tapping Sleeve

Our EBT Sleeves are made of MgO-C material and they have an excellent errosion and spalling resistance.

Standard Wearing Tube

EAF Wearing Tube

Standard Terminal Brick

Terminal Brick

Bottom Blowing Plugs for EAF

Our Bottom Blowing Plugs are made of dense MgO-C material and shaped under high pressure.

EAF Bottom Blowing Brick

EAF Wearing Tube

EAF Bottom Blowing Brick

Terminal Brick

Delta Roof Block for EAF

Our Delta Roof Pre-Cast blocks are made of High Alumina and they show a low porosity and high strength for a long life.

Delta Roof Block 5t

EAF Wearing Tube

Delta Roof Separete Type

Terminal Brick

AOD - MgO-Cr2O3 Bricks for the Tuyere Area

The AOD Converter is facing the hardest conditions around the tuyere area. TYK supplies MgO-Cr2O3 bricks in a very high quality particular for the tuyere and the brick layers around. Through this specific selection the lifetime of the AOD Converter can be increased significant.

AOD Converter