RH Degasser

Every RH Unit is different and has its specific treatment condition. So the requirement in the refractory material is also different and challenging each time. TYK has developed a wide range of materials to meet these different conditions.
Our RH bricks are pressed with high quality raw materials and are burned in the tunnel kiln under extra high temperatures. Through this combination, our bricks get their homogeneous and long lasting characteristics. Whether in the vessel, the bottom, the throat or the RH-Snorkel, TYK will support you in the selection of the right brick material.
Beside of the standard MgO-Cr2O3 brick qualities in the lower vessel and in the snorkel, TYK offers as an alternative chrome-free bricks in MgO-C qualities. The excellent thermal shock resistance leads to an even better lifetime of the bricks then the chrome qualities. The carbon content is so low that there is no negative effect in the decarburization process measureable.
For Snorkel and/or Throat, our concepts are always tailor-made to the demands, requirements and necessities of our customers. Whether single bricks, pre-assembled rings or full assembled complete ready-to-use snorkels – we have the requested solution.
RH-Snorkels in action

Full assembled RH Snorkel
RH-Snorkel including Throat part
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